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  • surprising-things-i-learnt-through-bike-commuting-this-year

    Surprising Things I Learnt Through Bike Commuting This Year

    Cycling to work is not only about saving precious minutes or staying away from crowded means of public transport. Commuting by bike has more advantages to offer, whether apparent or hidden, not just for those doing it for a certain period. Would you agree with…

  • 10-easy-tips-that-will-make-bicycle-commuting-a-pleasure

    10 Easy Tips That Will Make Commuting a Pleasure

    Have you thought about commuting to work? Or maybe you’re already cycling regularly? Despite the enthusiasm, some minor or even bigger problems might appear and spoil your joy. Try to solve them with the assistance of our essential tips that will put the smile back…

  • are-you-riding-the-wrong-bike

    Are You Riding the Wrong Bike?

    I was visiting an office in Bracknell, UK, and the bike parking had the following bikes: a cyclocross bike, a BMX, 4 hardtail mountain bikes, 2 full suspension mountain bikes, a steel-framed racer, and a guy in the office had a folding bike under his…