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Tag: Coffee and Cycling

  • coffee-drinkers-live-longer-than-those-who-avoid-coffee

    Coffee Drinkers Live Longer Than Those Who Avoid Coffee

    Good news, coffee lovers! A new study shows that coffee drinkers enjoy a longer lifespan and a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Does this apply to ground, instant or even decaffeinated coffee? And how much many cups per day should you drink? Let’s take a…

  • how-many-cups-of-coffee-per-day-protect-your-heart

    How Many Cups of Coffee per Day Protect Your Heart?

    More good news for all the cycling coffee lovers out there! Latest research shows that coffee drinking is associated with a lower risk of heart disease whether you have a heart condition or not. Is it possible that your doctor was wrong about warning you…

  • coffee-improves-your-reaction-to-moving-targets

    Coffee Improves Your Reaction to Moving Targets

    You probably know how much coffee can help improve cycling performance but new research suggests that caffeine also increases your detection accuracy for moving targets. Researchers from the University of Waterloo explored caffeine’s effects on dynamic visual skills in the first study of its kind.

  • coffee-and-cycling-the-perfect-match

    Coffee and Cycling: The Perfect Match

    After years of debate on the benefits or adverse effects of drinking coffee, a consensus appears to have been agreed by nutritionists. Yes, in moderation coffee is good for you, especially if you exercise regularly.

  • how-to-enjoy-your-cycling-summer-coffee-stops

    How to Enjoy Your Cycling Summer – Coffee Stops

    Stopping at a local coffee house on group rides or enjoying a pleasant caffeine break on your solo ride is a wonderful part of cycling culture. Coffee stops are fun, they support local businesses, give you a boost, and offer an opportunity to socialize. But…

  • drinking-too-much-coffee-can-cause-poor-health

    Drinking Too Much Coffee Can Cause Poor Health

    Would you drink less coffee if you found out that it’s bad for you? A new study shows that drinking too much coffee can be problematic for conditions such as osteoarthritis, arthropathy and obesity. Is this bad news for coffee-loving cyclists? How many coffees can…

  • is-it-safe-to-eat-coffee-beans

    Is It Safe to Eat Coffee Beans?

    Cyclists love coffee. Some love it so much they want to eat the coffee beans! Is that as crazy as it sounds or is there something to it? Let’s look at the differences between drinking and eating the products of a coffee plant.

  • the-more-coffee-you-drink-the-longer-you-will-live

    The More Coffee You Drink, The Longer You Will Live

    There’s been a new study looking at the effects of coffee drinking on health, and the results are pretty cool. Apparently, you will live longer and have a lower risk of disease if you drink coffee, and the more you drink of it, the better.…