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  • what-makes-a-great-climber

    What Makes a Great Climber?

    There are many good climbers in a World Tour peloton, capable of winning a stage at any of the Grand Tours. And as the Grand Tours are today putting more emphasis on mountain stages, because they are the most dramatic and therefore attract more people…

  • opinion-top-3-best-climbers-of-all-time

    OPINION: Top 3 Best Climbers of All Time

    Ever since climbing was first introduced in Tour de France in what only can be described as an assassination attempt, climbers have been elevated in the cycling community as some kind of demigods. While every discipline in a cycling race is exciting, and the best…

  • become-a-better-climber-tactics-and-nutrition

    Become a Better Climber – Tactics and Nutrition

    Climbing has a reputation of scaring new cyclists and demoralising even those with experience. Climbing is hard and it should stay that way. That’s the reason cyclists feel really good reaching the top. What can change is how much effort is wasted and how much…

  • beginner-50k-training-plan-week-6

    Beginner 50k Training Plan – Week 6

    You’re fully recovered from last week and ready to push a bit harder this week. That’s good because there’s been one thing missing from your training plan – hills. It had to happen sooner or later, climbing and descending is a part of cycling and…