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  • how-to-check-over-a-used-bike-before-you-buy-it

    How to Check Over a Used Bike Before You Buy It

    Global events have created a massive boom in bicycle sales, resulting in a windfall for the bicycle industry. But as bikes flew out the door, replenishment challenges quickly reinforced the basic economic lesson of how supply and demand drives prices. With fewer new bicycles on…

  • should-i-get-electronic-shifting

    Should I Get Electronic Shifting?

    All professional cyclists – almost all – now use electronic groupsets on their bikes. They are simply better than traditional, mechanical gears – the shifting is more precise and pushing a button is easier than manipulating a lever, especially over rough terrain or in cold…

  • a-little-handy-groupset-guide

    A Little Handy Groupset Guide

    Above all else, a bike that fits you will make you happier on a ride, especially over long distances or up a hill. So, once you’ve found the frame that fits, the next biggest upgrade you should be thinking about is a groupset.