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Tag: Beginner 50k Training Plan

  • beginner-50k-training-plan-week-8

    Beginner 50k Training Plan – Week 8

    The whole seven weeks have been leading up to this. If you’ve followed the training plan since week one, you should be feeling fit, comfortable on the bike, and ready to go. All you need to do now is take a couple of tune-up rides…

  • beginner-50k-training-plan-week-7

    Beginner 50k Training Plan – Week 7

    If you’re feeling a bit tired after last week, it’s ok, it was your hardest one. The race is getting closer and it’s time to start tapering the training so that you peak on the right day. You will be gradually decreasing the duration and…

  • beginner-50k-training-plan-week-6

    Beginner 50k Training Plan – Week 6

    You’re fully recovered from last week and ready to push a bit harder this week. That’s good because there’s been one thing missing from your training plan – hills. It had to happen sooner or later, climbing and descending is a part of cycling and…

  • beginner-50k-training-plan-week-5

    Beginner 50k Training Plan – Week 5

    Your training plan is in full swing now, you’ve spent about 11 hours in the saddle so far and done a lot of cross-training. Fatigue could be setting in and that’s why this week will be all about recovery. It’s important to have regular lighter…

  • beginner-50k-training-plan-week-4

    Beginner 50k Training Plan – Week 4

    By the end of this week, you will be at the half-way point. If you’ve been consistent, you should be feeling fitter and much more comfortable in the saddle. We will increase the duration and intensity this week again but don’t hold back, the following…

  • beginner-50k-training-plan-week-3

    Beginner 50k Training Plan – Week 3

    You need about 21 days to develop a habit so by the third week, your training plan will start feeling like a normal part of your life. That’s good because from now on, you will start implementing some faster rides and cross-training too.

  • beginner-50k-training-plan-week-2

    Beginner 50k Training Plan – Week 2

    Even though you probably think that three light 30-minute rides in one week can’t make you a cyclist, the opposite is true. Consistency is the key ingredient, length and intensity are secondary and they will come with time. In fact, overreaching in the beginning is…

  • beginner-50k-training-plan-week-1

    Beginner 50k Training Plan – Week 1

    This series will introduce an easy-to-follow training plan that will get you ready for a 50k race no matter how experienced or fit you are as a cyclist. If you’re just starting out with cycling or you’ve been cycling for a while but never followed…