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  • become-a-better-climber-training-tips

    Become a Better Climber – Training Tips

    Climbing can be one of the most rewarding parts of cycling. When you are fit and well-prepared, nothing compares to the feeling of conquering a mountain on a bike. Let’s go over ways to train for climbing you can use no matter how tall the…

  • become-a-better-climber-tactics-and-nutrition

    Become a Better Climber – Tactics and Nutrition

    Climbing has a reputation of scaring new cyclists and demoralising even those with experience. Climbing is hard and it should stay that way. That’s the reason cyclists feel really good reaching the top. What can change is how much effort is wasted and how much…

  • become-a-better-climber-to-sit-or-to-stand

    Become a Better Climber – To Sit or To Stand?

    Should you stand up when climbing or stay seated? It’s a commonly discussed question among cyclists. Why do some cyclists enjoy getting out of the saddle? Is it more efficient? When should you stand up and how to do it well?