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Cycling Presenter and Journalist Rebecca Charlton: “Don’t try and be someone else and emulate somebody else’s success”

By We Love Cycling

Relax with yet another episode of the We Love Cycling Podcast, this time with two seasoned sports commentators, Matt Stephens and Rebecca Charlton.

Rebecca Charlton is a TV presenter, NCTJ-accredited journalist, author, public speaker, magazine contributor, and voice artist. She has written two books on cycling and can be found presenting and commentating on channels including Eurosport, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky. Rebecca is also the lead presenter for ITV’s coverage of the OVO Energy Women’s Tour of Britain and lead reporter on the Tour of Britain. In addition, Rebecca can be found regularly hosting rounds of the HSBC UK National Road and the women’s series on Eurosport, as well as using her knowledge to commentate on the action.

Being long-time colleagues and friends, Matt and Rebecca got candid about both life and career on the podcast. Among other themes, they discussed how things changed for her as a woman journalist since she started in the sport in 2006 and for women pro cyclists in general. They also touched on the chaotic reality and technical challenges of an on-site sports commentator on live TV, and how she learned not to strive for her notion of perfectionism as she got more experienced and became a better interviewer and reporter because of it.

Touching on the nitty-gritty of the commentating job itself, Rebecca shared her biggest advice for up-and-coming sports journalists and commentators just wanting to get their foot in the industry’s door, the changing landscape of the field, and the contemporary digital ways new talents come through. Also – just as importantly – how you and your partner’s lives change with the arrival of a newborn while working in such a dynamic and fast-paced field.

Tune into the new episode for some brilliant insider insight.