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A Peek into the Škoda Hospitality Programme: Your Dream Come True

By We Love Cycling

Rubbing shoulders with cycling greats, getting a front-seat view to one of the greatest sporting spectacles in the world and enjoying it with a sparkling beverage in your hand… yes, you can!

So, what’s it like to experience the Škoda Hospitality Programme in more detail? First of all, get ready to be treated like a true VIP! After your journey, you will be greeted, wined and dined as our incredible host Simon runs you through fun trivia about the race. Then it will be time to meet your heroes!

Ever imagined yourself chatting with a cycling pro, asking them sophisticated questions, and leaving a great impression? We know you have. Who hasn’t? Now, you have the chance to make this dream come true. So get your list ready and practice in front of the mirror if you want, as you’ll have the opportunity to ask former TDF champion Andy Schleck any questions you might have in a live Q+A session.

Škoda Hospitality Programme
Being a part of the Škoda Hospitality Programme is unforgettable. © photogomezsport

Later on, you can continue the conversation with VIP drivers, all of whom are former professional cyclists, each with numerous stories to share from their racing days. Being in the car with these knowledgeable individuals gives you the opportunity of a lifetime! Ask any questions you have and they will be your guide as you go behind the scenes at the Tour.

The next day, you will start with an early bird bike ride, heading out from the hotel into the French scenery accompanied by your driver and the other guests. Everything will be prepared for you and the pace will be a purely enjoyable one, suited to the groups’ riding ability.

Finally, here comes the race!

After the relaxing spin, you will be whisked away to the start of the stage and the Hospitality area, where you can soak up the buzz of the race. This is your opportunity to look around the team buses, help yourself to food and race trinkets, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the stage start.

Just before the riders take off on the stage, you’ll head to your VIP Škoda car to ride to KM 0 (the official race start). Cheer the riders as they come past before… wait for it… getting in a VIP helicopter to watch the race with a bird’s-eye view. Trust us, this will give you goosebumps you will never forget.

After the dreamy heights of the helicopter ride, you’ll come back to French soil to enjoy one of the things we all love about France: delicious food! This time, it will be served as a picnic lunch. After you’ve indulged with a hearty meal and a cold beverage, it’s straight to the finish to watch the riders battle it out.

All right: getting an exclusive view of the finish line from the VIP area whilst sipping champagne… can you honestly swear you’ll ever stop bragging about it? Not really, but that’s okay.

Then there will be just one thing left to do: digest all the day’s experiences with an incredible dinner served back at the hotel, get some sleep and prepare for a tough return to reality. Your friends will probably start hating you very soon, as they won’t be able to stop you from talking about your Tour de France VIP experience. But we understand, trust us. It’s not your fault.