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Our Top Picks for Cycling-Focused Entertainment to Dig Into Over the Holidays

By Charlotte Murray

So, what should you watch?

The Least Expected Day (2020–2021)

If you’re after something to return to in those quiet moments over the festive period, this Netflix-produced mini-series is sure to keep you entertained. After what was (and let’s be honest, still is) an uncertain time in the sporting world, The Least Expected Day takes a deep dive into the return to professional cycle racing during the pandemic.

Pantani: The Accidental Death of a Cyclist (2014)

This film isn’t necessarily one for cycling fanatics either, giving plenty of insight into the sport. Pantani is a story of two tales, sharing the beauty of cycling as well as the tragic death of Marco Pantani who was found dead no more than six years after winning the Tour de France.

Ice 2 Ice (2018)

One for the adventure lovers on Red Bull TV. An Austrian athlete with an appetite for a challenge wanted to push his body to the extreme, just to see how far he could go. Beginning in Alaska, Michael Strasser completed the longest land crossing in the world, covering 23,000 km to reach Patagonia. A film of endurance, suffering and, ultimately, success.

Accomplice (2020)

One for the mountain bikers if you’re not after a full 90-minute movie. An artistically-directed love letter to the bike, not just as a mode of transport but as an opportunity for so much more. Featuring some of the world’s best riders, you don’t have to be a professional mountain biker to appreciate the skills in this short film.

Motherload (2019)

A mother in need of a cycling adventure. But having just had children, she investigated the possibilities of taking her new twins along with her. The answer: a cargo bike. Motherload is a crowdsourced documentary celebrating the humble cargo bike and its potential in an increasingly disconnected world.

A Sunday in Hell (1976)

If you like an older film, this one is a classic for the festive period. The Danish documentary film follows the 1976 Paris-Roubaix bicycle race from the perspective of organisers, participants and spectators. The atmosphere of a professional race can be difficult to capture but this film does it well, especially an exciting race such as this one.

My Italian Secret: The Forgotten Heroes (2014)

While not strictly about bikes, this documentary film tells the story of the rescue efforts of thousands of Italian Jews during World War II, including historic road cycling champion Gino Bartali. An inspirational story relaying the accounts of Jewish survivors. Gino recounts his experience of travelling through Italy by bike pretending to train whilst instead he was delivering documents for hidden Jews.

Biking Borders (2021)

If you’re feeling a little lacking in adventure during the festive period, this one is sure to get you amped for the upcoming season on your bike. A brand new documentary sharing the gruelling yet inspiring adventure of two friends who set off around the world for a 15,000-km bicycle tour. They cycled from Berlin to Beijing with the dream of raising $50,000 and building a school in Guatemala.