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Five Reasons That Make the Bicycle Perfect Transport for Every Wedding

By Adam Marsal

For many of those with a wedding experience under their belt, the memories connected to the preparation of one of the happiest moments of their lives are close to a nightmare. From early planning until the final stages, it’s a lot of stress, chaos and a question of who will pay the bill at the end of the wedding. Let‘s prevent this by turning a wedding into a bicycle ride.

Only choose people you want to see

By opting for a bicycle, you can prevent many of those less popular relatives to take part. If bicycling is a ticket to join, some louder children are unlikely to arrive. The same could be said for those annoying aunts you’d be better off avoiding.

Cycling friends
What if you made your friends cycle to your wedding?

No need for a shuttle

Every wedding planning includes a discussion of what vehicle is representative enough to bring the newlyweds to the show. If everybody cycles, that question becomes irrelevant and you can skip it once and for all. On top of that, you don’t even need to arrange for an official driver to take the drunken fellows back home.

No heels in the grass

Ladies may agree that spending a day in high heels is one of the most irritating aspects of every wedding. If the event takes place outdoors, the situation gets even worse. Every step might end with your heels getting stuck deep in the grass or everyone being entertained by you tumbling head first to the ground. In the end, most of the women take their shoes off to prevent any accidents. With the SPD shoes on, the embarrassing torment is over.

Women's heels
No more heels in the grass. © Profimedia

No dress, no stress

Getting a tailor-made dress just in time for the big day is one of the most stressful parts of every wedding. Too much expectation, hope and prospects might turn into horrible desperation. Many things can go wrong, be it a dress that does not fit or a colour that looks completely different to what you remember from the catalogue. At a bicycle wedding, there’s no need to worry about fashion or a complicated veil that would end up stuck in a chainring anyway.

No worries about food

Why should you arrange catering, when every biker carries snacks in his or her pocket anyway?