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Useful Cycling Gifts for 2020: Family Edition

By Frantiska Blazkova

Yup, that season is here again and we’re once more picking our brains for the perfect Christmas gift. Some love to think them up but dare we say that the majority of us likes receiving them more. Nevertheless, it’s both harder and easier when more people in the family share the same hobby – cycling. We all know how expensive cycling gear and accessories can get and we all want to prevent others thinking that we’re playing favourites under the tree. So, how to choose something the whole family can enjoy and share? Below you’ll find a humble guide.

Matching Clothing

Custom Design Clothing
© Bicycle Booth

This one might sound a bit cheesy but hear us out. When your family truly consists of cycling-addicted maniacs, what Christmas gift could be better than letting the whole world know? Get the whole fam matching cycling jerseys or even a whole kit.

The trick is in not only buying cycling kits of the same colour and adjusting the sizes according to your big and little humans, but it also brings so much more joy to customise the whole thing. Do you have an informal team name (Team Are-We-There-Yet, am I right?) when you go outing on bikes with the whole bunch? A favourite cycling-related quote or a motto? Onto the jersey they go! 

Try, for example, Bicycle Booth’s customization tool and share the results with us!

Wait for it… Matching Eyewear

K3 Eyewear
© Siroko

Since we’re on the matching theme, it’s worth noting that Siroko, a high-quality athletic gear manufacturer, is having a Christmas sale of considerable proportions, which also includes cycling sunglasses. The names of the models of their colourful specs pay homage to famous cycling events such as La Vuelta, challenging peaks and passes such as Stelvio and many more. We’re sure there’s a pair for even the most sophisticated of tastes, plus the sunglasses offer high-class UV protection and durable materials. So gear up your closest ones!

Smiley Cycling Winter Mittens

© loffi

We have no further comments. These smiley-face winter gloves by loffi are just unbearably cute. (And functional and top quality too, of course!) The perfect Christmas stocking filler.

Home-training App Subscription

Whether you would like to stay both put and active due to COVID-19 restrictions or ear-biting cold, many state-of-the-art cycling simulator apps can keep you happy in the saddle – at home. All of the best-known and highly-developed ones have subscription plans for multiple members so you can share the account and the fun. We did a handy cycling-app rundown earlier so you can compare and select the one best suited to your family’s needs and also learn what do you need to set up an indoor training station.

Winter Aesthetic Multi-tool

Winter Multi-tool
© Saker

Would you like to throw in a little special something with your present for the cycling enthusiasts in your family? Decorate the boxes with this snowflake-shaped 18-in-1 stainless steel multi-tool by Saker. It comes in five colour variants and the longer you look at it, the more usages and features you discover. All you need for an emergency fix and opening a bottle of cold one to celebrate getting out of that fix. And It’s never too early to show your offspring how to perform maintenance on their ride. Why not right after Christmas dinner?

LEGO Xtra Bicycle Accessories

Lego minifigure

LEGO sells a lot of amazing add-ups for your existing sets, from tiny vegetables and gardening tools to zoo animals. We really like this LEGO Xtra Bicycles Polybag that comes with two bikes, a skateboard, helmets, caps, two bike-locking racks and even a pizza box and an umbrella. The kids can train their dexterity and nimble fingers with these tiny parts and, at the same time, you can sneakily build up their love for two wheels if they haven’t been exactly keen. But one fair warning: you sure would be happy that you got an amazing Christmas gift for your little ones but who are we kidding – the kids will have to pry these cute little things from our excited adult hands. 

If you want to go the extra mile, you can even create a customized little LEGO rider, with a tiny helmet and everything, matching the recipient(s) of the LEGO cycling set – here!

Bernie the Bike Builder Children’s Book

Bernie Book
© Taj Mihelich

What’s better than snuggling up together after a long day of cycling (or stuffing ourselves at a holiday table), sipping on some hot cocoa and reading bedtime stories? Bernie the rabbit makes wonderful high-end bicycles that get shipped far away – however, he wonders why none of his friends, Monty the Corgi, T Rex, Bat, the Hamsters and Beaver, won’t ride his bikes? A wonderful and heartwarming story (with a reasonable dash of engineering) with a happy end, which will tug at the corners of your mouth the entire time. A great Christmas gift for the big and small cyclists alike.