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All Cyclists Want for Christmas Are These Gadgets

By Adam Marsal

The sensation and thrill of cycling are for free. The rest you can buy online to make a great Christmas surprise for the loved ones who cannot live without two wheels. Let’s check some cycling gifts that will make them happy.

 Hiplok Z LOK 

This lock will not make the bike safe on the street overnight but it can keep it away from fast hands in front of a café or a shop. Extremely lightweight and easy to wrap in the pocket, it is easy to deploy using a ratchet and a three-digit code to ensure a fast lock-up.

© Hiplok

Cycloc Endo Bike Storage Rack 

To store a bike indoors, people can either screw heavy hooks into the wall or they can hang the bike with style. While the “C” part holds the front rim, the pads prevent the wall from getting smeared by tyres. Watch the video below.

Park Tool PCS-10.2 Home Mechanic Bicycle Repair Stand

Park Tool are known for high-quality tools that you can find in most professional bike shops. Easy to fold and store in your cellar or garage, the stand can conjure the perfect bike workshop out of nowhere anytime you need. With the bike secured above the ground, maintenance is simpler than ever. A perfect cycling gift, isn’t it?

Crane Suzu Bell 

Pedalling through the city might be both annoying and dangerous when pedestrians forget about keeping an eye out and step into the road. The brass Suzu Bell made in Japan jingles loud enough to keep them safely away from the cycle lane. Check the Suzu Bell’s sound below.

Ass Savers Fenders

Nestled under the bike seat, they wait until rain- or snowfall to save the rider’s pants. The attaching system is compatible with almost any type of seat or seat post. Lightweight and nearly invisible, these emergency fenders will protect you from the wet and annoying vertical mud stripe running from your bottom all the way up the neck.

Portland Design Works Bar-Ista Coffee Cup Holder 

© Portland Design Works

Not every cyclist is a coffee lover but those commuting might appreciate a sip of cappuccino on the morning ride. Constructed to be attached to the handlebars, the holder can support a cup or insulated mug of almost any size.

Cyclist bookends (€15)

Cyclists are often avid readers, which means you can sort them out with great books and magazine subscriptions but also with these pretty accessories to go along. These bookends will keep their books neat while subtly reminding them there’s always time for a ride.

Muc-Off Wash, Protect and Lube kit (€20)

Clean and Protect Lube
© Muc-Off

The neat kit consists of everything needed to keep any bike clean, polished and nice looking after a muddy ride with only a short maintenance routine. The three agents clean, protect and lube the bike and drivetrain in three easy steps.

Strava subscription 

The annual subscription to the world’s most popular activity app allows cyclists to use it as an evaluation tool and training aid with advanced analytics and personalised coaching. Such a cycling gift will make any serious rider happy.

Granite Stash RCX Multi-Tool Kit

Granite Stash Multi Tool
© Granite Design

Stored in the steerer of the bike, this multi-tool kit is always ready to help tackle an unexpected technical failure. Suitable for bikes with threadless headset and fork steerer of inner diameter ranging from 23,5 to 27 mm, it contains an 8-piece multi-tool, a flathead and spoke key.