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What Makes November the Right Time for the Best MTB Ride?

By Adam Marsal

Some people call November the end of the season, leaning their bikes against the wall in a sad cellar until next April comes. That’s all wrong friends; Keep on cycling as now the real adventure begins. In the 10 points below, we will tell you why. By the way, all the photos were taken during my recent November ride around Prague in the Czech Republic.

1. With the days getting shorter and the varieties of the weather turning up more often, it is more and more uneasy arranging a ride, so every possible moment we can spend on the bike is more scarce and precious.

2. Since hikers, family trips and occasional cyclists are gone, and people stay in beds longer on weekends, all the trails and bike paths belong just to us.

Autumn Cyclist
The trails get less busy.

3. In the cold weather outside, our bodies struggle more and burn more calories way faster than in the warm season. Good to know before Thanksgiving dinner!

4. Countless scientific surveys proved that a considerable part of the population experience melancholy, depression, and suffer from mood swings through the darkest days of the year. Given that, sports performance releases natural hormones of happiness. We should cycle even more to stay in blissful mental condition.

Autum Ride
Ride away from that melancholy.

5. With fogs and clouds crawling low over our heads, the days could barely be called joyful, yet the weather is more stable than in summer, and so if it’s not raining at the moment, you can bet that the rain won’t surprise you even during a ride stretching over several hours.

6. Flies, wasps, mosquitoes and other annoying insects are gone, so we can ride smiling from ear to ear without catching fare dodgers.

Nature ride
Smile as you will.

7. After the months of the endless hoarding piles of technical clothing, wind stopping jackets, functional pants and other gadgets able to turn polar chill into a tropical bath, we eventually get the chance to dig them out the wardrobe and test them out for real!

8. No heat = less sweat, less thirst, more well-being through the entire ride with no or minimum clothing changes.

Cycling in November is certainly less sweaty.

9. Anyone willing to lose weight and build a magazine-like body for the swimsuit should start with physical training no later than now. Only that way we can develop a solid sporting habit and thus avoid Christmas over-eating by taking an obligatory bike ride instead.

10. Even if the weather is fouler than hell, the November ride becomes comfortable after a brief moment of suffering. tirelessly working your blood circulation is so rewarding, making you proud of overcoming a brief moment of inconvenience. Cycling makes people feel like heroes even on good days, but in the November drizzle and temperatures close to zero, the road to assumption belongs to us.