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Virtual Tour de France Will be Held and Other Cool News from the World of Cycling

By Monica Buck

Another Monday is here and our news from the world of cycling with it. So, what did you miss?

July Tour on Zwift

ASO, the organizer of the race, struck a deal with Zwift to fill the void left in the calendar (and our souls) after the French Grand Tour has been postponed. According to Cycling News a virtual Tour de France will be held. The e-race will take place across three weekends during the Tour’s original dates. Both men and women should get six stages, each around an hour in length. The route should start in Nice and end on Champs-Élysées in Paris. A tough mountain stage should come in the middle and be the highlight of the race.

The peloton during the 2019 Tour De France in Paris. © Profimedia, Shutterstock Editorial

15 teams have already signed up for the race. 10 channels covering 130 countries should broadcast the event between July 4 – 19. We’ll definitely be there to watch it. What about you?

What a challenge!


Illegal drafting!

MacAskill at it again


Proper aero