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You Can Now Take a Virtual Ride in the Grand Theft Auto V

By Monica Buck

Move aside, Watopia. It’s time to explore Los Santos from the saddles of our indoor trainers.

In the last few months, most of us were forced to spend more time indoors than we would have liked. And we thought we explored all the possibilities of virtual cycling. However, there is one more now. The ‘Grand Theft Bike V mod’ lets you pair your smart turbo trainer with the open-world game and ride around Los Santos, a fictional version of Los Angeles. Mods usually only appeal to gamers, but this one was clearly made by one of us.

Link the ANT+ wireless system from a compatible turbo trainer to your PC and the game will then read your speed and power and apply it to the in-game changes in terrain, road surface and the wind. You can either steer yourself using a keyboard or choose a route option and ride on autopilot. There is a HUD that shows your speed, power and the distance that you’ve covered. It all seems rather intriguing, right?

If you want full instructions, go to the GTA V mods website.

Plus, for all Strava addicts out there, the mod also creates a .FIT file.