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A Perfect Last-Minute Christmas Gifts That Help

By Adam Marsal

Too late to place an order for a gift to be delivered before Christmas? You can donate to charity foundations on behalf of the gifted person. Everybody is happy to help people in need and this is just so simple. There are a few non-profit organisations raising money to deliver bikes for people that can’t afford them. In return for your donation, you’ll get a gift card that will make a perfect present to put in the Christmas sock.


Your money will help people in developing countries to get their own bike.

In some countries, the school or medical help might be up to 30 kilometres away from where people live, which is quite the long way if you need to walk. Wheels4Live is a non-profit charity founded by a famous biker Hans Rey that helps shorten the distances by delivering reliable bikes to the people from developing countries. Over 13,000 bikes were already delivered to carefully selected people. The average price of the commuting bike is approximately 140 EUR. The bikes are always bought in countries where they should be delivered. The gift certificate is available to direct print. For 150 USD representing the worth of one bike, you will receive a wooden certificate. Last-minute Christmas donations are expected to be at least 50 USD worth. In return, you will get a printable certificate by e-mail. Detailed instructions are easy to find on the official website.

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World Bicycle Relief

Your money will be spent on bikes for people in third-world countries.

In developing countries, walking is the main mean of how to get from one point to another. Everyday life can be exhausting when people need to get somewhere in time. Going to school or hospital as well as delivering goods to markets might turn to be a tiresome task. When walking is strenuous, reliable bicycles can do the work. World Bicycle Relief (WBR) builds and delivers locally assembled bicycles. With a 10-year history, the foundation has distributed over 400,000 Buffalo Bicycles that are fulfilling expectations and needs of people living in rural areas all over the world. You can support the project by donating in five currencies. Your money will cover the costs from a single wheelset (25 EUR) to up to a pack of five complete bikes (670 EUR). Alternatively, you can choose to pay an amount of your own. After forwarding your sum, you’ll receive a downloadable gift card that can be simply printed and wrapped neatly as a Christmas present that will not only save your Christmas Eve but also someone’s sustenance somewhere in Africa.

© Facebook World Bicycle Relief


Your money will raise school attendance numbers in Africa or shorten the time needed to reach the hospital.

Bicycles delivered by Qhubeka foundation relieve people of Southern Africa of struggles with daily commuting. Fetching supplies, travelling to school or work, visiting a clinic or providing help can be easier when using bicycles. Supporters of Qhubeka have helped to supply 5,000 bicycles every month since 2005, making it more than 100,000 bicycles delivered through the program. Once you donate to Qhubeka, you will receive a link to download an artwork to print. There are more versions of the illustration available so you can print them also on a mug or T-shirt according to your taste. This way, the present will make a double hit!