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13 Things Only Cyclists Say

By Adam Marsal

Hearing weird words from the mouths of cyclists is something people got used to. We picked a few sentences that only a passionate cyclist would say or fully understand.

1. All the way up, I have been disturbed by strange noises coming from the bottom bracket.

2. I was suffering for hours but the last five minutes made for a great day.

3. A half-day ride makes me feel less guilty when I eat the dessert before dinner.

4. Have you already checked out the new spruce energy gel flavour? So yummy!

5. I usually wake up at 4:30 AM just to have time for a short 80-km ride before I go to work.

6. I saved 15 grams by replacing drop bars with these beautiful carbon-fibre parts from Germany for only 490 euros!

7. Honey, could you miss me for a week? I talked to my mates about whether we should arrange a cycle trip to Nordkapp and back.

8. I’m far from having too many bikes. There’s only the road bike, the vintage one from Italy, the bike for commuting, and the mountain bike in the garage.

9. There’s no need for tissues, I can blow my nose with bare hands.

10. Honey, can you take our dog to the sea by car? I’ll get there by bike a little bit later.

11. I’m just checking if the car boot can accommodate all my bikes.

12. What is wrong about the idea to see Berlin by using shared bikes?

13. Guys, this beer is my last as I have to wake up at 6 AM to have a ride.