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VLOG: Thrilling L’Étape Experience Footage by Our Actual Participant

By Frantiska Blazkova

We’ve sent three cycling enthusiasts into the huge whirlwind of emotions and sweat that is the L’Étape du Tour race in France. One of them, Cameron Jeffers, better known to his fans as CyclingCam on social media, managed to reach an insanely impressive result for a L’Étape first timer. He managed to finish the 169km-long route in 5:38:56 with the average speed of 29.63 km/h, finishing 67th and placing 40th in the overall classification. If the number 40 doesn’t sound too majestic to your ears, let’s put things into perspective – he competed with 16,000 other riders and even though he was among the second racing group, he managed to overtake about 1,000 other racers before shooting for his results. What was that sound? Yeah, it was your jaw dropping.

But anyway, besides clocking up those amazing digits, he somehow managed to find the time and energy to film his whole experience first-person style and edit a kickass video out of it. You’ll be treated to all pre-race, race, and post-race moments at the ground zero level, along with CyclingCam’s explaining commentary so you can see how crazy and confusing and absolutely exciting the L’Étape is. You’ll also have the chance to get up close and personal with our other two riders, Fatima Berton and Simone Viana, and the team’s coach, Paralympian and We Love Cycling ambassador Jiří Ježek. So, let’s cut the talk short and just let us enjoy the L’Étape through Cameron’s eyes.

But still, we can’t help to wonder about one thing – if he hadn’t been taping, could he do even better? Guess we might find out next year!