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Turkish Woman Files for Divorce, Citing Husband’s Bicycle Obsession

By Frantiska Blazkova

A little jealousy from time to time is a natural part of every healthy relationship. But Yağmur Z. from Istanbul, Turkey, claims that her husband love for his bicycle has irreparably damaged their relationship, which ended up in her seeking divorce.

“My husband always spends time with his bicycle. He has a different kind of a bond with it,” Yağmur stated. The divorce petition goes on to claim he did bike repairs in the middle of the living room. The disappointed wife is claiming 400,000 Turkish lira (£76,000) from her husband, Burak Z., because the excessive attention he paid to his bike instead of her allegedly affected her mental well-being. She adds that this is no ordinary attachment and that Burak is “literally in love with his bike.”

She was not happy.

Dailysabah.com reported that no physical infidelities were exchanged between Burak and the bicycle, which may be of small relief to his saddened wife. However, if the worst side of Mr. Z’s attachment to his bike is doing repairs in the couple’s shared living room, many a cyclist might want to reconsider their maintenance routines as catastrophe might be impeding. We dare to say that there are still more serious (and more hilarious) example of “bike love” all over the world.

Although we have no further comments by either half of the (still) married couple, available evidence points in the MAMIL (Middle-Aged Man in Lycra) direction. When reaching the MAMIL stage, man and his two-wheeled steed become almost inseparable, come hell or high water. While this statement is an obvious hyperbole, there is truth in the fact that cyclists have a special bond with their bikes and while we approve of such affection, we would hate to see the bike come between people when it’s much more fun to spend time together on it. Ride on!