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How to Reduce Radiation Exposure from Your Phone

By Jiri Kaloc

Could you live without your smartphone? A lot of people can’t even imagine putting it away at night. We have our phones within arm’s reach practically 24-7. Even though they are considered safe, we aren’t completely sure about the effects of long-term exposure. Let’s look at a few ways to limit the radiation from your phone as a precaution.

Some research suggests that long-term, high use of mobile phones may impact human health. They emit radio frequency (RF) energy when they send and receive signals, and that is the cause for concern, especially with kids. Children are getting phones at younger and younger ages when their brains are still developing and may be more affected by mobile phone use.

In December last year, the California Department of Public Health issued guidance for those who want to decrease their exposure to the RF energy emitted from phones. This is what they recommend:

Keep your phone away from your body

If you can, avoid holding your phone to your head, use the loud-speaker or a headset instead, or send text messages instead of talking on the phone.
Make an extra effort to keep your phone away from your body when it’s handling a lot of data like streaming video, updating apps, and downloading or sending large files.
Carry your phone in a backpack or briefcase – not in a pocket or anywhere else nearly touching your body. And don’t sleep with your phone in your bed or near your head, unless it’s in airplane mode or off.

Limit your phone use when the signal is weak

Limit your phone use when you see only one or two signal bars displayed because mobile phones put out more RF energy to connect with mobile phone towers when the signal is weak.
Also limit your phone use in fast-moving car, on buses, or trains. Your phone also puts out more RF energy as it switches connections from one mobile phone tower to the next. If you want to use your phone in these circumstances for entertainment, put it in airplane mode.

Avoid products that claim to block radio frequency energy

According to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, products that interfere with your phone’s signal may force it to work harder and put out more RF energy in order to stay connected. That means such products might even increase your exposure.