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Water Biking Trend Floods US Fitness Studios

By Adam Marsal

For all those who are still undecided whether tarmac, gravel or dirt best matches their vision of a perfect cycling environment, we have one more element to consider: water. Maybe sparked by the couples who found out that marriage in pools makes their day unforgettably special, there are more and more fitness studios that offer classes of water biking and promote it as healthier and less dangerous alternative to cycling on the ground.

Water biking is exactly what you imagine when hearing the term for the first time – it’s all about cycling on a bike submerged under water and following instructions of your trainer. Of course, it may sound like a foolish joke to anyone who sees traditional cycling as a true passion. However, the popularity of water biking is growing enormously, whether you like it or not. Although it’s now massively practised in the US – mainly in NYC, L. A., and Miami – the concept originated from Italy where physiotherapists had prescribed underwater cycling for injured sportsmen in order to quicken their recovery after a surgery while building up their endurance and strength. The reason is obvious, as the water is about thousand times thicker than air and creates an intense resistance. Apart from being benefitial for the healing processes, it should also help joint flexibility and there are even surveys that claims it reduces the appearance of cellulite.

The reincarnated water sport is supposed to be an advantageous activity for people who love hardcore workouts that leave them in sweat. Actually, there’s no sweat left after it’s washed away by water. On the studios’ websites, you can find that you burn up to 800 calories in one session, up to twice more compared to similar exercise classes on land.

Because the water makes this workout accessible to everyone, it attracts people of all ages, body shapes, and conditions. Even pregnant women can join and have fun. Before each lesson, instructor checks out if all bikes are set up flawlessly because proper fitting is as important as with normal “dry” spinning. Nonetheless, during the training, your position on the bike changes according to where you grab your handlebars. Apart from biking, you can choose from wide array of classes: you can also practice underwater Zumba, box or jogging. All you need to start is to bring the swimsuit as you can borrow your rubber shoes from the front desk.