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VIDEO: We Love Cycling’s Best Of 2017

You tend to feel a pang of regret when the end of yet another year is coming near. You reminisce all the things you did or didn’t do and you might feel the good ol’ pressure to finish off all your “projects” before the fireworks go off. Worry not, we’re here to remind you that year 2017 was indeed worth it and that, if you look back, you’ll see all the amazing things you managed to do.

Because that’s how we feel. A year ago, we’ve made some resolutions and we’re happy to say goodbye to 2017 because we could cross them all off. Well, most of them, anyway. So, remember, be ambitious but not too hard on yourself, move a lot and eat clean but allow yourself a few cheat days and, most importantly, be good to yourself and others. We’re glad you’ve chosen to spend some of your year’s time with us and we hope you enjoyed everything we sent your way.

So, here comes another resolution – we’ll try even harder next year! Happy New Year from We Love Cycling!