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In Good Hands: Essential Bicycle Skincare

By Bonnie Friend

After your feet, your hands are probably one of the most neglected body parts when it comes to beauty, but you know what? They need love too, especially when it comes to exposure to the elements whilst out cycling. So here are our top suggestions for having manicure-perfect hands all year round…

The wonder that is coconut oil makes for a great all-round moisturiser that can be used on your hands, and is a really good intensive treatment in the evening. In addition to that, carry a good-quality moisturiser with you to apply throughout the day.

One of the simplest things to do is remember to wear gloves when you go out in the chill. The thin skin on your hands is susceptible to drying out with all the temperature changes, so give them a break.

Treat your hands to a mini spa treatment at home once a week. It only takes a few minutes. Simply give dry hands a good scrub using a pre-bought salt exfoliator or a home-made version using oil and sugar. Rinse with a gentle hand wash and warm water, and follow with a good moisturiser for seriously soft skin.

Treat yourself to a manicure once a month. It always seems like an extravagant indulgence, but a good manicure is a good investment. As soon as someone takes the time to give your hands a gentle massage, you realise how much tension you carry in them. Allowing a pro to take the time to file, treat and polish those hands and nails through the winter months means you can head out and enjoy time on your bike and still feel pampered at the end of it.

Invest in cuticle care. This is the giveaway, not to mention a real sore spot of dry, chapped hands. Cuticles can easily dry out and betray weathering on your hands, so using a good cuticle cream through the winter months to soften cuticles and stimulate nail growth will make a real difference whether your nails are polished or perfectly nude.

It’s an oldie but a goodie, drinking plenty of water is the king of all beauty secrets, particularly when winter is approaching and the central heating is coming on. The temperature changes from inside to outside wreak havoc on skin and nails, so make sure you rehydrate throughout the day!