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COBI System: Hot New Interface for Your Bicycle

By Adam Marsal

While walking through hundreds of exhibition booths at the Eurobike, it was hard to miss the display of the COBI company based in Germany. Pioneers of modern technologies are introducing a brand new integrated system that should transform our average bicycles into smart bikes of the future. If you use devices such as front and rear light, GPS navigation or fitness apps, get ready for a solution that brings everything you’ve ever needed into one complex system.

How does it look like? At the first sight, it resembles a common smart phone holder, however, this one offers much more. Whether on a normal or electric bike, the COBI system is easy to install on your handlebar just above the stem. Apart from quick smartphone mounting, the COBI is promising to open up a new dimension of travel.

Although we haven’t had the opportunity to test it yet, we enjoy the idea of having control over all devices with one single gadget. At the front, there’s integrated a so called AmbiSence light. It has three different settings for appropriate visibility regardless of outside conditions. You can simply change the pre-set intensity using the cleverly designed 6-button thumb controller that makes you in charge of all COBI features without taking hands off your handlebars.

With the specially designed application, you have a quick access to collected data concerning your speed, weather, fitness, and personal performance in a clearly arranged interface. For better motivation, you can follow the performance bar displaying how much effort you’re putting in. Apart from this, you always have an easy access to the phone or music controls, fitness data recorder, weather forecast providers or GPS navigation.

The creators of COBI system didn’t forget even the tiniest details such as integrated electronic bell triggered by the thumb controller. It also includes an activation lock system that makes the device unattractive for theft. Deep in the system, there’s also motion detector which reacts to suspicious movements with an alarm that gets louder and louder, unless deactivated by the owner.

The system can be used with a wide range of wearables or accessories such as fitness trackers, speed and cadence meters, wireless headphones or heart rate sensors. Once attached, you can’t run out of power as the phone is automatically connected with the energy power supply from a built-in detachable and rechargeable battery pack. When used on the e-bike, COBI hooks up to the on-board battery and uses this energy source to power your smartphone.

Amazed with the given features, we’re really into checking out how the COBI works so we can bring you our own review soon.

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