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Mark Cavendish Enjoyed His Time Off Le Tour by Launching a Pop-Up Pub

By Frantiska Blazkova

At this point in his career, nobody dares to doubt Mark Cavendish’s riding skills but what about his acting chops? After that infamous fall at this year’s Tour de France, the Manx’s Missile had to find something to keep him occupied. Below you’ll find a video spot he recently made in cooperation with Amstel beer, a Dutch beer brand, that decided to make an unusual temporary pub on the occasion of Prudential RideLondon weekend. You be the judge of how good he was in his honorary publican role.


The idea behind Amstel’s Cold Tub Pub was to offer exhausted and overheated cyclists who just finished the gruelling 100-mile Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 ride a chance to cool down the burning muscles and recuperate the organism. Amstel has a standing partnership with Prudential RideLondon called “Ride Together” and together they came up with the ultimate recovery and chill out spot for tired riders. The pop-up place could be found at London’s Pall Mall and featured several vats filled to the brim with ice and, of course, supplies of nicely cooled beer bottles. According to Cavendish: “The benefits of ice baths as a recovery aid following an intensive day of exercise are well known”.

Riders had the chance to book 10-minute slots in the tubs beforehand during the whole weekend of July 29 through July 30 and, after a refreshing dip, move onto the standard pub area where they could watch RideLondon on TV or browse various cycling memorabilia on display. And all this was charge free. Be sure to watch the video, not only because Mark’s captivating accent but the high-pitched squeals of his fellow cyclists taking the ice tub challenge are very, very worth it.