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10 Photos, Which Prove that Tour de France Is the Best Sports Event in the World

By WeLoveCycling

Many true fans would go above and beyond to show support for their favourite team or sport. Painted faces and crazy costumes, hours spent in the queues to get the best tickets, or frenetic puffing into vuvuzelas. But with Tour de France you always have the feeling that the connection is much deeper. Sometimes you even think “have they gone too far with this”? Let’s embrace the fact that Tour de France has got some of the most faithful fans of all the sports. Here are ten photos which support our theory.

Farmers welcome the riders
What do you mean by “we have to rent a venue”, honey? There’s Tour stage running through the city that day and we’re all gonna be there.
Dude, that’s not Moby!
Don’t even try to say that you wouldn’t do it as well.
Allez, Wiggo
Didi Senft is probably the biggest fan of Le Tour and now he also has the world’s biggest velocipede.
To celebrate the Tour de France, Yorkshire knitting groups produced knitted bikes which were displayed in Sheffield Cathedral for the duration of the race.
With Le Tour it usually is a life-long romance.
And to be honest, sometimes you don’t even have a choice.