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13 Things You Hear All the Time as a Cyclist Over 40

By Adam Marsal

They say age is irrelevant but in fact, everything will change once you turn forty. What are the things people (and most of all – your loved ones) tell you when you reach your fifth decade?

1. Will you have a birthday cake that looks like a bicycle wheel again?

2. Your bike is more expensive than the cars of most of our friends. So is your other bike.

3. Do you really enjoy several hours of staring at a man’s butt dressed in elastic shorts riding before you?

4. Is that a spare tyre under your jersey?

5. Do you really need a five-thousand-euro bike when you only ride it once a month?

6. You may enjoy cycling but that doesn’t mean your loved ones’ dream holiday is a cycling trip around the world.

7. Why don’t you just stay with us a little longer and have a burger and a pint like a normal person?

8. My bike looks almost the same as yours, and it only cost a hundred euros.

9. The question’s not if you’ll fall off your bike, but when…

10. Don’t you think 200 euros for an elastic jersey is a little too much?

11. So you don’t mind that your muesli bars taste like glued sawdust?

12. Shouldn’t you wash those clothes at least once in a while?

13. So you shave your legs every day?