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Little Girl Establishes Cycling Club with a Handwritten Lamppost Note

By Frantiska Blazkova

Would you love to share your passion for riding a bicycle with other likeminded kids by creating a cycling group but your parents won’t let use the internet just yet? Do it the good old fashioned way! Like this little girl from Crumlin in south Dublin. A Twitter account under the name of Street Feast 2017 posted a snapshot of the call for action they found on the street and thought it to be perfectly adorable.

The club’s rules seem to be firmly set but fair. There’s a lot of activity and inclusion going on. While the girl, known only as Tosia, states that she’s the club’s “maneger” she immediately clarifies that all involved will be equals. Let’s look at what’s in store if you join the club:

“Join bike club for fun adventures every day. You must be 5 – 10 years old. We meet at 3:30 pm at blarney park. We spend 5 minutes waiting. After that we spend another 5 minutes exercising. We do 5 laps around a green. Then we stretch and go. We have picnics in my garden and we just talk about our club. I am the maneger but we all have to treated the same. Please contact me if you want to join or if you cant come some day. We would appriciate it if you join.”


So, first rule of Tosia’s cycling club – we only talk about the cycling club. We can get behind that. What’s with number 5, though? Our guess is Tosia likes her activities to be consistently balanced and organized. The programme is really thought through and might sway all unsure ones who would like to participate but don’t know what to expect. We wish Tosia all the luck, happy club members, and nerves of steel with organizing a bunch of 5 – 10-year-old kids on bicycles.