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The Golf Bike Designed with Effectivity and Turf in Mind

By Frantiska Blazkova

We admit that this combination is pretty specific, but given the number of humans inhabiting the Earth we would be surprised if there weren’t at least few enjoying both riding the bike and shooting dimpled balls all over the green. Although combining two passions can sometimes result in ridiculous and over-the-top inventions, the Golf Bike seems to be actually working.

Todd May is both an avid golfer and owner of a Florida bike shop called Higher Ground Bicycle Co. While he can surely be scooped up in the DIY guy category, the Golf Bike idea is actually quite feasible. The benefits are many – it’s eco-friendly with zero emissions unlike golf carts, it makes the transportation faster, keeps you stretched and moving, and the bike is designed with golf-accessories in mind. Not only it’s equipped with wide turf-friendly tyres, but the bike’s ‘Turfstand’ kickstand even has an oversized foot peg to prevent it from poking holes in the green. It’s been also observed that it makes the play faster, because two or more players don’t have to share one four-wheeled cart, which also means they get to save the rental money.

The special panniers in the back can hold up to 14 clubs, plus they have two external net pockets and four zippered pockets for smaller items. An insulated cooler bag sits between the side bags atop the rear rack with a small external pocket of its own. So now you can be your own beverage cart, without the need to chase the one your golf club provides.

The Golf Bike’s frame is made of steel and comes in one-size-fits-all, which should fit riders between 165 and 195 cm. The unisex step-through frame design makes for easy mounting and works well for women playing in golf skirts or Scottish gentlemen. The fork is also steel, and the bike rides on 20” wheels (with 3” tires), but the overall weight of 18.5 kg may prompt the manufactures to think about an aluminium frame if the concept catches on.

The Golf Bike features a 6-speed Shimano drivetrain controlled by a grip shifter, Tektro V-brakes, and an alloy stem, handlebar, seat post and platform pedals. The cushy gel saddle and riser handlebar should keep riders upright and comfortable, and a chain protector will keep your legs and pants clean.

The Golf Bike is already in use at several golf courses across the USA and Canada and it’s even for sale for $795 USD (full retail will be $995), which includes the rear carrier, side bags, and the insulated cooler bag. The only bad news can be for the fashion hype hunter – the only available colour is green. You can visit the manufacturer’s website here.