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Book Your Next European Holiday at a Cycling-Friendly Hotel

By Andrea Champredonde

So, you’re planning your next holiday and want to bring your bike along. What a great idea! Cyclists know that slowing down to explore Europe on two wheels is an unparalleled experience. It offers everything from history and culture to breathtaking landscapes, delicious cuisine and charming towns and villages. 

However, choosing the right accommodation at your destination can make or break any holiday. Cycling-friendly hotels throughout Europe provide a comfortable stay and cater to the needs of cyclists by offering amenities and services tailored to their passion. Let’s explore why it’s a smart choice and discover some of Europe’s cycling-friendly hotels where you can ride, refuel, rest and repeat to your heart’s content.

What to look for

If you’re investigating accommodation options at your destination on your own or it’s your first foray into a dedicated cycling holiday, these are a few of the amenities you want to look for before you book. 

Secure bike storage: When the day’s ride is done and you’re ready to relax, you want to be sure your two-wheeled friend is secure. A dedicated bike storage room, closed under lock and key, is the ticket to your peace of mind. If the thought of your bike out of your sight makes you nervous, some bike storage rooms include CCTV monitoring or bring along a cable lock for an added level of protection. Hang your shoes on the brake levers and clip your helmet to the bars until tomorrow.

Bike tools and wash: Your bike may be in tip top shape, or have just come from a tune-up at your local shop, but things happen, particularly when travelling with your bike. Who wants to drag deadweight tools like a pump or wrenches in your suitcase? Choose a hotel that provides a floor pump, workbench and the tools you need for most repairs. 

Laundry facility: If you want to avoid bringing your entire cycling wardrobe along, having access to a washing machine is key. One short and jersey can dry while you wear the other. Some hotels may charge for laundry service, or at least the cost of using the machine. To skip this expense, find a local laundromat or hand wash your kit in the sink. Roll them up in a towel and twist to remove any excess water before hanging to dry. Don’t hang your clothing on a warm towel rack. The heat could damage them. Air dry is best.

Refrigerator and water: A cool drink after the ride is a refreshing pleasure. Access to a refrigerator to keep your water bottle chilled overnight or to potentially stock another beverage of choice while you ride is a plus. If there isn’t one near the bike storage, there may be one in your room. Direct access near your bike to water for your bidons means you won’t forget to fill up before you hit the road.

Rocacorba Cycling-Girona, Spain


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 Girona, Spain is a cycling hotbed and home to Rocacorba Cycling. Test your legs against the time of many pros on the iconic Rocacorba climb nearby that gives this accommodation its name. The converted 17th century farm nestled in an iconic setting is the perfect destination for your next cycling trip. Whether travelling solo, in a group or as a team, Rocacorba Cycling has the accommodation for you and every cycling amenity under the sun as you explore Girona and the surrounding roads of the Costa Brava. 

Virrey Finca Hotel, Mallorca, Spain

If Sa Calobra and Sa Batalla are two Mallorcan climbs on your bucket list, then the Virrey Finca Hotel in Inca, Mallorca, is an excellent choice. It’s near these two climbs at the base of the island’s Serra de Tramuntana mountain range that holds UNESCO World Heritage Status. Many other climbs are also within a riding distance from the hotel. If climbing isn’t your thing. Hop on one of the many camís (secondary farm roads) and enjoy more gently rolling terrain before you hit the pool in the afternoon to even out your tan lines. 

Hotel Tofana, Badia (South Tyrol), Italy 

 If you want to push your limits on the challenging terrain and mythical ascents of the Dolomites of Northern Italy, near the Austrian and Switzerland, Hotel Tofana is an excellent choice. It’s also the ideal spot if you’ve enrolled in the Maratona dles Dolomites GranFondo event (3 lengths offered). You and your bike will sleep like a baby after completing one or more of the seven nearby cols, of which only two pass under 2,000m.

Like most bike-friendly hotels, the owners are cyclists themselves and are more than happy to share their local knowledge so you can make the most out of your holiday. Travelling in a group? They even offer ride support; hard to beat that.

La Croix Blanche, Fontevraud, France

If a slower-paced cycling trip on easier terrain with friends or family is what you have in mind, consider the La Croix Blanche in Fontevraud, France. It’s the perfect opportunity to visit the many chateaux and vineyards of the Loire Valley. Enjoy the French art of living as you ride the designated cycling routes between Tours and Anger with a cultural visit to the famous Fontevraud Abbey (burial site of Richard the Lionhearted) along the way. 

If you’ve got a confirmed or budding gardener in the family (sorry, couldn’t help the pun), the hotel isn’t far from the world-renown gardens of the Château de Villandry. La Croix Blanche rents electric and traditional pedal bikes and provides a variety of cycling-related services that even include a picnic service.