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VIDEO: Meet Future Shock Bike Crew and Their Customized Bike Sound System

Were you ever guilty of blasting your favourite smash hits loud out of your car windows? And what about on your bike? If you think we’re being quite ridiculous just check out Future Shock Bike Crew. This rascal three-member crew consisting of one girl and two boys will show you what happens when carrying a boom box on your shoulder just went out of style.

They decided to spice up their street in New York, USA, with a little air of Trinidad and Tobago, where they’re all originally from, and where the loud and proud and noticeable gets all the praise. Wherever they go on their “bikes”, waves of heavy thick beats precede them and when you stay around long enough to actually see what produces such commotion you are about to witness something extraordinary.

Anil Bhimraj, Nicholas Ragbir, and Jessica Ragbir, all tenagers, have put together something imposing – a 1,500-pound sound system installed on a single bicycle, which is accompanied by the other two inventors on their own customized bikes. They claim they have never seen any bike like theirs in Queens or anywhere else. No wonder. If you actually look at it you have the impression that Anil saddles up a pile of speaker boxes.

However, it’s not a one-time gig, or at least the crew claims so. Their future plans include large scale production and, as Jessica thinks, in five years they are going to be very well known and recognizable around the city.

Of course, not everybody in the neighbourhood is too happy about this tremendous loud rolling monster, especially older people. But we hope everybody will find a mutually-respecting way how to deal with the bike with “refrigerator-sized” speakers.