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Bikes Carrying “Impossible” Loads

By Jiri Kaloc

How much can you carry on a bike? Well, that depends on how fast and how far you need to go. There’s plenty of inspiration out there, people who use bikes to travel, bike messengers, or just ordinary people trying to move stuff around. A word of caution though, don’t get too inspired, there might be better ways to move a fridge!

Bike messengers, fast and agile

Bike messengers might not carry the heaviest loads but what they do with them is truly impossible. Most people wouldn’t survive a slow and careful ride through a big city’s rush-hour traffic. Messengers do it every day at high speeds with up to 30 kg (60 pounds) on their backs!

Bike travelers, slow but far

Imagine you have to carry everything you own on a bike. Impossible, you say? Some people call that a lifestyle. Sure, they are slow, and they probably won’t break any weight records either, but they are traveling the world with their bike as a house, literally!

Ordinary people, crazy but effective

This category is made up of people who aren’t really trying to break records as much as moving stuff from point A to point B. Speed or agility is not relevant, distance is not relevant, and aesthetics are definitely not relevant, but they do the job! Here are the finalists. They all have our deep admiration. Who’s your winner?

A guy hosting a last-minute party


A guy buying a new fridge

A guy building a house

A lady… With a lot of polystyrene foam