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Which Cycling Blog Is the Best? Here’s Our TOP 5

By Christopher Ashley

Can’t get enough of cycling? Looking for expert advice? Here are some of our favourite blogs to get you inspired.


This mountain bike blog is inviting enough for beginners, but with enough depth that even the most seasoned pros will find something to pique their interest.


Everything from the ethics of e-bikes to wheel size debates is covered, and the content is as stylish as it is informative.  Great videos, and technically polished, Bike198’s Robb Sutton is as passionate about blogging as he is about the ride. (Bike198.com)


The self-styled “Keepers of the cog” are the shadowy road cycling elite who dictate the rules of the road, and actively berate cyclists who fail to live up to their strict standards.  The Rules that every road cyclist should adhere to are listed on their web page.


The rules veer from the ridiculous to the actually quite helpful, and they’re delivered in a tongue-in-cheek tone because the page isn’t to be taken too seriously.  They’re just messing around.  Or are they? (Velominati.com)


Are you sick of the pomposity, the trends, and the endless arguments about whether a rear cassette should be 10 or 11 cogs?  Then Bikesnobnyc’s humorous blog is very much what you need.


The author is an old seasoned cycling enthusiast who seems to have reached a zen-like plateau where he simply likes getting on a bike and going for a cycle.  Consequently, Bikesnobnyc puts your agonising decision to buy a carbon bottle cage into sharp perspective – the perfect antidote to those who take their cycling too seriously. (BikeSnobNYC)


Donna Navarro’s blog is light of touch and down-to-earth.  As much about lifestyle as it is about cycling, Navarro manages to provide reviews that are as helpful to manufacturers as they are to consumers.


Intentional or not, ordinarycyclinggirl is a great piece of cycle advocacy from a female perspective – and that’s a market sector that’s rapidly growing.  With the enormous success of British cycling’s female athletes, Navarro leads the way for those looking to join the fun. (OrdinaryCyclingGirl)


Forget about roadies and mtbs, commuters should look no further.  This website documents the clothes worn by the citizens of Copenhagen as they cycle about their day-to-day lives.  There’s little Lycra, even less “technical” clothing.  Just chic.


Looking at many cycle shops’ clothes section, you’d be forgiven for thinking reflective day-glo is a necessity for riding a bike – Copenhagencyclechic destroys this myth.  Few helmets appear, and ladies ride in skirts, heels or whatever they like.  Keep it real.  Keep it chic. (CycleChic)