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Turn Necessity into Trendy Accessory: You Will Fall in Love with These Bike Lights

By Monica Buck

It doesn’t matter if you’re a road bike or MTB fan, being seen is vital for your safety. That doesn’t mean you can’t look cool while achieving that, though. These 7 beauties will make sure you’ll get noticed not just by motorists but by other envious riders as well!


A built-in light seatpost? Shut up and take our money! ($65)

Torch helmet

Keeps you safe and visible during those dark winter commutes. Who needs more than that? (£85)


Magnetic Bike Light

Can’t you bring yourself to compromise those sleek lines of your frame? This is the answer to your problem. The Magnetic Bike Light can be both fitted and removed instantly. (€30)


Wireless Bicycle Turn Signal

Indicating your next move without ever putting your hand off the bars can be useful. ($68)


Bike lane light

Bright red lasers ensure you get your own bike lane wherever you go. At five pounds, this truly is a bargain of the century. (£4.99)


Monkey Light

Nobody will be able to say that they didn’t see you coming if you install Monkey Light on your bike. ($24.99)


These smart LED lights will turn your bike into a straight-out-of-Tron machine. ($199)