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10 Genius Accessories That Will Change Your Rides Forever

By Martin Mrazek

Spending time behind bars is a true joy for any cycling enthusiast. But as with everything, it can get even better. At our last editorial meeting, we decided to compile a list of our favourite accessories to make your time in the saddle even more enjoyable. We then picked top ten of them, which you’ll find below.

Mobo Pocket 4″ Air Pump


Never be without a pump again. This one can be easily transported even in your pants pocket. ($24.99)

Reflective Band Socks


Being seen is really important! ($16)

The Cricket


After locking up your bike, activate it, and The Cricket will alert your phone if it detects any movement. ($39)

Bike Lane Safety Light


This ‘Bikelane’ is designed to project a bike path onto roadways. ($39.99)

Cup Holder


For those who always seem to be running late. (€29)

Bent Basket


Extra straps will easily secure your cargo. ($99)

The Buckshot


It’s a portable wireless speaker, flashlight, strobe light, camp light, and power bank. ($79.95)

Commuter Jacket


“At Visijax, we believe in going above and beyond the bare essentials of road safety.” (£74.99)



This tool should patch tyre punctures in less than a minute. We haven’t tried it yet, but it’s worth checking out. ($35)

LED Spoke Light


Rugged and weatherproof, the LED system mounts easily to your spokes and utilizes the rotation of your wheel to produce mesmerizing pattern and colour. ($26)