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Are There Any Good Cycling Channels on YouTube?

By Adam Marsal

Because of YouTube, everybody can be a hero today. All you need is a small camera and an internet connection. Even a smartphone can help you with appealing to thousands of spectators all around the world. As there are many cycling YouTube channels we decided to make a short review of some of them. We browsed randomly just to experience what people run into while watching somebody else’s video instead of cycling themselves. 

Chris Pritchard


This guy can ride both bikes and motorbikes and also occasionally works as a model for moto gear brands. Last year he was giving away free cycling bottles just to get more people to subscribe to his channel. Who missed the chance, had to buy his own in a shop – what a shame. Chris spends hours talking about why he doesn’t want to climb some hill in his neighbourhood. Highlights of his vlogs are that he is amazed by feeling alright after a little less than a two-hour ride through some villages, and feeling as a dog sh*t after one more hour in the saddle. If you want to experience a really exciting show this individual will entertain you – until making you pass out of boredom.

Shane Miller

He gives people insight into interesting events, such as the Eurobike trade show with all its news. You will definitively get hooked with a lot of interesting facts. It’s still far from a professional broadcasting but it can be seen as a low-cost documentary channel. Sometimes he gives away useful hacks and technical tips, or he guides you through the best cycling spots in Europe, such as the Stelvio or Gavia Passes.

Cycling Maven

Finally, someone found out there are other reasons for standing in front of the camera than just to show off their “huge” egos. These Australians are doing their work well. Cycling Maven is not only a simple YouTube vlog, rather it’s a documentary series about cycling brought to the spectators by cycling fans living in different parts of Australia. They also use professional cameras and even drones to achieve videos as good as possible. Among other things, one of the creators of the vlog has interesting experiences such as common ride with Team Sky, including Chris Froome, in Adelaide, Australia. Although it doesn’t show the moment before Froome dropped him, it was still fun to watch. You can also enjoy interesting people being interviewed, like the first Indian pro cyclist, or visits of big cycling events, such as the 200th Tour de France.


The founder of the CycleGaz channel uploads videos of his experiences with cycling in London, ranging from various problems to nice and also nasty interactions with road users. He also acts as a cycling advocate and often reports bad car drivers to police because he experiences dangerous crashes with cars and sometimes gets harrased by the crazy drivers. He makes reviews of new products on the market and other various items he uses while cycling. There are also videos showing him sitting in the middle of the road after falling from his bicycle. Of course, it is mostly about having fun. It’s also a bike etiquette education about using the road correctly.


Come ride with me, let’s ride, let’s ride away – that’s how BikeBlogger invites us to his channel. It functions as his live bike diary in the USA. You will see bike rides on city streets, urban trails, and rural gravel roads.“Every day you can experience a new adventure!”, the bike blogger says. In reality you can spend a half hour just watching him rolling down the road. It can be useful before sleep, though.