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Rider Stripped of Victory After Peloton Goes the Wrong Way

By Martin Mrazek

Now there is something we have never seen before! Oleksandr Sheydyk was the only rider to go the right way at the Tour of Ukraine, but a protest from the other teams took his win away.

After the peloton had taken the wrong turn in the last 20 kilometers of the race, commissaires decided to cancel the stage altogether or to have a 5-kilometer lap to decide the placings. Siarhey Papok, who had eventually led the peloton to the finish line and had therefore placed second in the first race, won the restart and went on to win the Thursday’s stage as well.

Along with Sheydyk’s team, several other teams didn’t enter the restart as well. Oleksandr’s Team Kuota rightly pointed out that rules state that riders are supposed to know where they are going.


What do you think? Should the commissaires have taken Sheydyk’s win away?

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