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Top GIFs of the Internet: Cyclists Are Awesome Edition

By Angie Ng

We’ve noticed how much you love cycling-related GIFs.  So we’ve found some more awesome ones to share with you.

Wow, this one shows a crazy guy casually hopping onto a moving freight train and then jumping off again… with his bike strapped onto his back!

Speaking of nonchalence, this cyclist continues on their way, oblivious to the accidents going on around them.


Here’s a GIF of someone doing some crazy multi-tasking and demonstrating some unbelievable hand-eye coordination.  He’s biking and… shooting three balls out of the sky!

Here is another video of someone showing off some cool moves, backflipping off a tree!


It’s not just adults – little kids can have some serious cycling moves, too!  Check out this little girl’s amazing parking skills.


… and here is a GIF of bicycle parts that can… open a bottle of beer!  How nifty is that?

cEBIfDU - Imgur

Now, why shouldn’t people in wheelchairs also be able to participate in some cycling fun?  This GIF shows how to use a Firefly Attachable Electric Handcycle.  Super cool!

ZKehWCV - Imgur

Is it a pillow? Is it a hood?  No, it’s an airbag bicycle helmet, named Hövding.  Check out how it works.

… and what do we have here, a paragliding, cycling… kite?  Whatever it is, it looks pretty cool!

AMMMnR4 - Imgur

Finally, for fans of medieval times, here’s a GIF of two cyclists… jousting.