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Welcome to the Brand New Design of the WeLoveCycling Website!

By We Love Cycling

Our team has come up with this modern and simply clever design in order for you, the readers, to be able to continue enjoying our articles and watching our original videos in a relaxed fashion. Plus the new mobile version of our site makes it much easier to enjoy WeLoveCycling.com on both your phone and tablet.

We completely redid the menu for more user-friendly orientation on the site and implemented tags in such a way, that you can easily find the trending topics you might be interested in. You can check out the section on the right side of the main page and each category.

The brand new WeLoveCycling TV was also launched, so you can watch the Bike Stealing Championships and other original videos made by our team. In case you start yearning for some action after reading a couple of our pieces, be sure to try the Event Calendar, which will be ready in less than a week.

New mobile version of a WeLoveCycling.com website
New mobile version of a WeLoveCycling.com website

If you experience any problems with the new design, or you just want to tell us what you think about it, please contact us via Facebook, e-mail (info@welovecycling.com) or simply write it into the comments section below.

Thank you very much for being our loyal readers and stay tuned! We’ve got a lot more coming!