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VIDEO: Driven by Passion

By Jan Koran

New video by Škoda AUTO shows what’s closest to its heart and we had a great time filming the cycling part of this unique piece.

Maybe you remember this simple yet fun toy from your childhood. Kaleidoscope takes the whole picture and creates new beautiful patterns with a system of mirrors. Now Škoda decided to show its wide world of passions by breaking it into smaller fragments.

Because the world of Škoda it’s not just a manufacturing of great cars. For example cycling: for thirteen consecutive years Škoda partnered with the biggest cycling holiday – Tour de France. But it’s not limited only to that, every day we try to bring you fresh news from the world of cycling via this magazine and we can do it only because Škoda supports cycling in all forms.

Than there is hockey, each year millions of fans gather around TV’s with their friends and family to watch Ice Hockey World Championships, and in the center circle of the field you’ll see a familiar logo. That’s because this sport has a place in the heart of Škoda.

What car manufacturer would Škoda be, if it didn’t support motorsport? That’s why you can follow hot news about rally on www.skoda-motorsport.cz and Škoda FABIA R5 is also one of the stars of the Driven by Passion video.

It was great fun to make this creative and truly unique short film. The technology used in the process introduced a new experience even to our skilled production team. Let us know what you think about it in the comments section!