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Cavendish Spends Valentine’s Day Fixing a Puncture

By Monica Buck
Could Mark Cavendish be the true cycling Valentine? He certainly showed his love for bicycles along with his good character yesterday, as he helped out a young woman in need.

The Dimension’s Data rider just won the Tour of Qatar, but is still a very down-to-earth guy. He proved that by stopping to help out a fellow cyclist with fixing a puncture, despite the cold Valentine weather. According to Zahra Damji’s tweet, Cavendish was in Totenham Hale and helped Fran Cutts replace the inner tube in her tyre.

The story quickly went viral and even the lady in question replied to the tweet.

“He’s an absolute hero, was struggling with cold hands to get the tyre back on. Even offered me a lift, thank you!” wrote Fran.

We can’t argue with that…