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US Army Confiscating Bikes for an Odd Reason

By Monica Buck

Dozens of bicycles were seized by US Marines last weekend after their owners had been caught on military property. The situation got the cyclists really confounded though and you can see why, because the riders had understandably no idea they were on a federal land.

A bunch of friends was just riding through a Sycamore Canyon Preserve trail in San Diego like they have done many times before, when they got stopped by soldiers, had to give up their bikes and were given $500 citation instead.

“We’re kind of confused because the trails that we came into Sycamore Canyon – they had no signs saying you’re entering government property where we came in,” told Brady Emberger, one of the detained, the NBC.

There are a few signs around the area, but not a whole lot of bike trails are covered.

The group had to go a few miles back to the nearest highway, where they were picked up by friends. All of them will have to appear in court and after paying a fine, the bikes will be graciously returned to them.

We have to ask though – Why do they have to pay anything if the military base isn’t properly enclosed?

The riders had their bikes contained by the army.

“We urge all riders to avoid riding these areas and all military land. SDMBA is working closely with agencies and landowners for alternate legal options. For now, please let everyone know what is happening,” said the San Diego Mountain Biking Association in their Facebook update and estimated that 15 bikes were confiscated in the area.

The Marines reported, they actually seized 45 bicycles and 3 motorbikes that weekend and will continue to do so in the future.