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The Coolest News From the World of Cycling

By Martin Mrazek

Another Monday is here and so is our news from the world of cycling with it! So what did you miss in the last couple of days? Read on to find out.

Share the Road

„Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.“ Stinner Frameworks chose this quote by Jack Kerouac for their latest video showing bikes and skateboards rushing downhill in unison somewhere in Santa Barbara. The result is certainly interesting. Would you like to join these riders or do you find this kind of cycling too dangerous?

Cool Friend, Michele!

Michele Scaropini and his new buddy Frankje. We sincerely hope Astana is going to sign him!

Downhill in New Zealand

Brook ‘Bulldog’ Macdonald and his friend Sam ‘Blinky’ Blenkinsop rode down the Te Ranga Mountain Bike track in New Zealand. The footage from their adventure is absolutely stunning!

Kellan Froome

Has young Kellan just found out he can’t cycle just yet? Who knows what his impression means, but young Froome’s first solo photo posted by his father Chris on Instagram is really cute nonetheless.

What is Kellan Froome thinking here?

Small Boy Saves His Father’s Life with Cycling

Kévin-Djéné Godin saved his father's life.

Kévin-Djéné Godin who is only 5 years old jumped on his bike wearing nothing but pyjamas and flip flops and rode into the night in order to find help for his dying father. He reportedly sat his 2-year-old sister next to his dad who just suffered a heart attack and pedaled hard to reach his mother’s workplace.

A passing driver, Jean-Francois Pinot, saw the small boy and stopped to ask what he was doing. The response he got was truly terrifying.

“I’m going to fetch my mummy because my daddy is dead,” said Kévin and Jean immediately dialed the emergency services. Thankfully  the police found the small boy’s father in time and got him to a hospital.

„This little boy is incredible. What he did was very smart,” told Kévin the Ouest France newspaper and added that the father is already home from the hospital and should fully recover.

Let it Snow

Cycling in snow is a pretty unique feeling.

„Hoping to see a lot of snow tomorrow morning up here!“ wrote John Watson aka theRadavist next to this beautiful photograph. We hope he really means it, because riding in the snow is really starting to grow on us. Do you enjoy it as well?