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What to Put on for a Winter Ride in 2016

By Adam Marsal

The arrival of winter brings cold and rain, and often the desire to get on the bike in these days becomes weaker. The right selected garments and accessories will allow you to never give up on your rides, because there’s a solution to every climate adversity that you’ll face during the cold seasons. For you we have chosen the best technical solutions to guarantee shelter from rain, wind and cold temperatures.

Santini Piuma Cycling Cap

Santini’s Piuma Water resistant Cycling Cap is too toasty for temperatures above 10°C, but really comes into its own when temperatures drop to single figures.

Gore Bike Wear Element Urban

Gore Bike Wear turned to specialists in the field of urban mobility and asked them to envision the cityscape of the future as a starting point for the redesign of Gore’s striking Element Urban range. The garments are equipped with reflective and neon applications that may be folded or stowed away – so you can join a dinner with your friends without looking too sporty. Windstopper Soft Shell materials take care of weatherproofing. The rider can stay connected through internal routing for earphone cables and smartphone-friendly gloves.

Santini Fenix Windproof Jacket

This jacket is built with the light and flexible windstopper fabric and it’s ideal for the cold and provides resistance against wind and rain. The anatomical cut is more elongated on the back, finished with elastic waistband with non-slip grip, allows a streamlined fit without leaving room for air infiltration. The triple back pocket allows you to bring everything you need for a long off-season training ride and the reflective tape will ensure visibility on the road in the dark.

Vulpine’s Cotton Rain Trousers

Rain Trousers are a well made, superbly thought through pair of trousers that will keep you dry on the bike and looking stylish off it. They are available in a men´s and women’s version.

Holborn skirt and leggings

The Holborn skirt and leggings combo from Road Rags is one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing for cycling ladies. The Holborn takes the best aspects of lycra tights – stretchy, form fitting and moves with the rider – and transforms them into something that women could genuinely enter a pub in without looking like a cyclist.

Caratti’s Deep Winter Overshoes

If you suffer from cold feet in the winter months, these are for you: Caratti’s Deep Winter Overshoes are among the most insulated we’ve tried. Their waterproofing and build quality is impressive too.

Craft Storm Gloves

When you want high quality cycle clothing for the winter, Swedish brand Craft is one company that always stands out for us. They make excellent cold weather clothing that generally fits really well and works perfectly in autumn and winter and these Storm gloves are no exception.

Mavic Sprint Bib Thights

With a comfortable insert, excellent fit and ideal insulation for cold temperatures, Mavic’s Sprint Bib Tights are good winter legwear but the price puts them at the top-end of the bib tights market.