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Most Important News From the World of Cycling

By Martin Winter

Another Monday is here and our news from the world of cycling with it! So what do you need to know?

Chris Froome is a father!

Tour de France winner and his wife Michelle celebrated the birth of their first child. Chris Froome posted a photo of himself and his first-born son on Twitter along with the caption Kellan Froome ❤️. Congratulations Chris and Michelle!

Around the world in 123 days

Andrew Nicholson is officially the fastest person to circumnavigate the globe by bike, just waiting to get in the Guinness Book of World Records. It took 123 days for the former New Zealand speed skater and he broke the 2010 Alan Bate’s record by two days. Andrew covered 29 179 kilometres mostly without any support.

“I was alone on the bike all the time, I had no back-up or support team. When you get to places like Turkey you get a bit lonely, because culturally it is so different. But I am quite comfortable with my own time, so it wasn’t a major problem,” told Nicholson to The Guardian.

Andrew did the trip in order to raise awareness and funds for cancer research group CTCR Te Aho Matatu so he tried to lower the costs of his ride as much as possible.

“I did it on the cheap to be honest. I stayed with other cyclists from the website Warm Showers, which is like Couchsurfing for cyclists. And my hosts cooked me meals, and put treats in my back-pack. Lots of times I felt like giving up because towards the end it was becoming too much,” he admits but in the end he made it after all. Hats off to you, Andrew!

Oh Watt a Wonderful Christmas

How many Team Sky’s members does it take to light 5 000 light bulbs? Surprisingly only two will do the trick as Ben Swift and Ian Stannard show in a new video released by the British team. Both of them pedal hard to light the vast amount of fairy lights attached to frames and other bike parts and the result is a very unique way of wishing everyone merry Christmas. Just see for yourself.

Tinkoff releases 2016 race kit

Peter Sagan, Alberto Contador and Rafal Majka unveiled the Tinkoff”s race kit for the next season. They chose to intercept the Fis Ski World Cup at the Courchevel ice rink and put on quite a show as they rode their bikes on the ice rink, in front of thousands of ski fans.

„With some of the world’s best riders in our team we have a challenging but ambitious year ahead of us. Alberto, Peter and Rafal will tackle the world’s most prestigious races and thanks to Sportful, they will do it in clothing that combine style and performance,” says the General Manager of Tinkoff-Saxo Stefano Feltrin

What do you think about their new kit?

Stevie Smith Charged Down a Volcano

In need of a little adrenaline rush? How about riding down an active volcano? Canadian downhill racer Stevie Smith did just that on the Miyake-jima and it looked like great fun. The entire population of the island had to be evacuated after the eruption in 2000 but they are back now and their countryside looks like a great playground to us. Don’t you agree?

The Whiteness

Is there finally some snow in your hometown? Tell us about your best ‘cycling in the snow’ experience!

The whiteness. | with @craftsportswear

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