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Warm Showers: The Perfect Way To Explore The World

By Martin Winter

If you are into long travels on a bike then you have probably heard about Warm Showers. If you happen to be a newbie in this area though you should definitely check it out. It’s a community made exclusively out of bike travelers who give up their spare bedrooms, couches or at least their backyards for fellow cycling enthusiasts happening to be on a journey nearby.

There are currently over 70 000 members from all around the world and against all odds of our current social climate, they are opening up their homes to complete strangers offering hospitality and expecting nothing but gratitude in return. Isn’t that just amazing?

The question of safety naturally comes up and Warm Showers says itself that it is you who is responsible for your own personal security. But let’s be reasonable. If someone disguises himself as a bike enthusiast to enter your home, dines with you and shows you his face pretty clearly for a couple of hours, then he is a very poor criminal.

‘As far as member safety is concerned we have never had a serious incident. When you have 70,000 plus members there are sometimes misunderstandings. We only cater to cyclists hosting other cyclists so the risk is quite low. We have many single women cyclists and the site gives them a place to shelter that is safe,’ says Warm Showers employee Jack Turner.

Clearly there are far more positives than negatives. I mean, who else could really appreciate the ups and downs of your journey then fellow cycling enthusiasts?

So how does the whole system work? You simply sign up on the warmshowers.org site, the interactive map lets you find hosts on your route, you send them a private message and just enjoy their hospitality. Just remember to be a good guest as well. The host’s preferations should generally be your closely followed rules.

And don’t forget. Bringing a few beers, fixing a meal or just telling good stories is welcomed in any home let alone your host’s.