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10 Best Cycling Books as a Christmas Gift

By Martin Winter

Are you still a little bit short on Christmas presents? Well, don’t despair. We’ve got you covered with this list of best cycling books! Any one of them will make an ideal gift for all riding enthusiasts!

The Rider by Tim Krabbé

Do you want to know what it’s like to take part in a real race? Tim Krabbé’s The Rider will tell you all about it. The book became an instant classic after being published in Holland in 1978 and captures both the physical and mental aspects of a real race. At 150 pages for 150 kilometres long race The Rider runs at a break-neck pace. It truly is a must read for any bike lover.

Bicycle Thieves by Luigi Bartolini

The Italian movie based on Bicycle Thieves is better known and really cool but trust us, the book is even better. It’s funnier, more focused on cycling and it will definitely last you longer. So if you want to know how a bike thief can come to existence, don’t look any further.

Faster by Michael Hutchinson

Are you obsessed with getting better results? You should definitely check out this book written by ‘Dr Hutch’. Michael himself is one of Britain’s most successful time trial riders and coincidantally also a great writer. He will teach you how to get faster by separating the truth from the myth.

Rough Ride by Paul Kimmage

Once a great pro, Paul Kimmage became more and more frustrated with his inability to compete with riders who used performance enhancing drugs. So he decided to share his struggle with the world in this book and the section about doping is certainly a must read.

The Third Policeman by Flann O’Brien

Looking for something a little bit weird? How about O’Brien’s form of hell where bicycles take on humanity and start creeping around at night and stealing your food? Now that’s a glorious apocalypse!

We Were Young And Carefree by Laurent Fignon

The world of cycling lost a great icon in 2010. Laurent passed after a long battle with cancer but his unique spirit lives in this very book. He might be best known for being edged by Greg LeMond in 1989 Tour, which was the closest margin ever to decide the world’s most famous cycling race, but he was a true giant in his era and his memoirs are a joy to read.

The Secret Race by Tyler Hamilton and Daniel Coyle

Inside the Hidden World of the Tour de France: Doping, Cover-ups, and Winning at All Costs is the full title of this book and it kind of says it all. It is truly a must read because it focuses on the doping issue surrounding this beautiful sport and its most iconic rider – Lance Armstrong.

Racing Through the Dark by David Millar

‘I doped for money and glory in order to guarantee the continuation of my status.’ Former pro David Millar is really blunt about his sins and five years on since his arrest he held absolutely nothing back.

The Athlete’s Guide To Recovery by Sage Rountree

Certified cycling, triathlon, yoga and running instructor Sage Rountree guides you to full recovery and improved performance. Rest is just as important for a bike rider as pushing his limits! Learn to capitalize on your down time and make yourself a better athlete by using a number of proven techniques.

Cyclepedia by Michael Embacher

A century of iconic bycicle design in just one book. Michale Embacher created an homage to the beauty of the bike. Cyclepedia shows all important innovations and legacies of bicycle desing and it will definitely be the favourite encyclopedia of any rider.