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PHOTOSTORY: Expedition to Ukraine’s highest mountain

By Marty Smolik

“Na Goverli zibrani zemlji Tvoji, Ukrajino” loosely translated as “The Hoverla is where your soil is taken from, Ukraine”. The proofs of this are 27 holes filled with earth from every corner of the Ukraine. The Hoverla is considered magical among the Ukrainians and every one of them should climb to its top at least once in their lives. Following are the photos from our expedition that you could watch in this video.

Ukraine welcomed us with rain and snow

The journey needed to be planned properly, the help comes from the local ranger Slávek

Mandatory mountain gear, the basics of successful ascent/downhill ride

The demanding climb started during a light rain

Picturesque countryside postcard

Friendly people were always ready to advice us with on the road

Wild nature accepted us into its woods

Breathtaking views on Romanian Maramuresh mountain range were the reward for the demanding ascent

Proper Ukrainian snack – bread, cheese, eggs and onion are the cornerstones of conquering the highest Ukrainian mountain

Hoverla – altitude 2061 meters

Ukrainian hospitality and friendliness has no limits

The coveted downhill through the virginal nature of the Carpathian National Park

WLC team with ranger Slávek who was a great help to us during our ascent/downhill

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