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Coolest News From the World of Cycling!

By Martin WInter

Another Monday is here and our news from the world of cycling with it! So what do you need to know?

Donate (your) bike

Got an old bicycle you don’t use anymore? Consider donating it to your local charity. You can literally change someone’s life. If you don’t have a spare bike, there are organizations who manufacture their own rigid and reinforced bikes for the people in need. Just look at Mary. She used to wake up long before dawn and walk to her school everyday. „I would be tired by the time I got to class,“ admits the 18-year-old orphan. In 2014 she received a bike from World Bicycle Relief and now the teenager from Zambia no longer just survives. She’s thriving.

Cyber monday

The insanity of Black Friday fortunately passed but there is still some shopping to do because it’s Cyber Monday and you can buy some amazing stuff for a fraction of the cost. Just check out this Easton Road Wheelset! You can save 54% on it and there are loads of similar deals all over the internet.

All you need is a push


Photograph of Mark Barry pushing sprinter Matt Rotherham went viral last week after „Jackass“ Johny Knoxville posted it on Twitter with the following caption: „Sometimes when you’re really hungover don’t you wish you had this guy to get you out of bed.“

We do, Johny. And he’d be useful on monday mornings too.

European Bike Stealing Championships

Every five minutes somewhere in Europe a bike is stolen and will most likely never be returned to the original owner. All of us here at WeLoveCycling.com understand that it is a big problem with no easy solution. Unfortunately, it is also something the general population doesn’t discuss very often. We wanted to change that and that is why we created the first European Bike Stealing Championship. We took a bait bike, which is one of the proposed bike theft solutions, and traveled to three European capitals – Amsterdam, Rome and Prague – to test their citizens. How did it end? Just watch the video and you’ll find out!

Snow is everywhere

Photo: Jered Gruber, Instagram

Winter came and unlike the Game of Thrones characters, we didn’t have to wait 5 years for it (not that we would mind in this case). Our very favourite Jered Gruber noticed as well and posted a beautiful landscape on Instagram. „I hear this is what winter looks like for some people. That scares me,“ wrote the photographer. Well, it does for us but that certainly doesn’t stop us from cycling. How about you? Do you put your bikes away for winter?