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Cycling gizmos and other novelties

By Adam Marsal

These are some interesting cycling inventions that shouldn’t be forgotten. Some will make your life easier and others are simply great for what they are. Let these gimmicks start your new week.

SRAM Red eTap electronic shifting

There’s been lot of electronic devices coming to cycling industry in recent years. Many companies are competing whose component will be maintained by advanced electronic system as the first or who’s going to be better, smarter and more efficient. SRAM’s wireless electronic road group set including two shifters and front and rear derailleurs has been a known secret.

They tested it, among other places, on the Tour de France. The system was officially introduced at Eurobike. It should be the simplest and most intuitive electronic system available. Each derailleur gets the energy from small batteries which can last up to 60 hours.

Bikes with storage space

Got hungry or thirsty while cycling? Companies like the Canadian bike maker Argon 18 came with solution. Their new hi-end triathlon frame E-119 Tri has been designed to refresh and enrich the racer’s experience with simple solutions for hydration and nutrition. The frame contains a storage for drinks and food. Simple but smart.

Car carriers for heavier e-bikes

There’s no doubt about progress made by the producers of the electric bikes and pedelecs. But these bikes are much heavier and many people struggle to lift them up onto the conventional car carrier. The growth of e-bike sales in Europe has forced bicycle carrier manufacturers to get creative.

The new carriers have not only higher load capacity but some of them come with built-in motor that lifts the carrier from the ground up to the mounting level. It’s perfect solution for older riders, or for bikes that are just too heavy to lift.

New materials coming

Steel, aluminium or carbon are too boring? Especially for the demanding ones among you are the Sandwichbikes which are unlike anything out there. Instead of a welded frame, it is engineered as a ‘sandwich’ of two weather lacquer coated frames of layered plywood.

Bonded together by ‘smart cylinders’, the frames and components become a rock-solid piece of technology that is both durable and extremely attractive. You just place the order and the company will send you the bike for the shipping price of 150 euro. You get the bike in the box and assemble it by yourself with provided tools. For more information about Sandwichbikes see our feature from Eurobike.

Cargo bikes

As the traffic in the larger cities is becoming more regulated the need for goods is still the same. The answer is called cargo bikes. They’re nothing new but they’re getting innovated. Some use the electric power to be faster. You can ride them up to the speed of 45 kmh without sweating.

Another types like Roc-Ket’s cargo bikes haul up to 120 kg of cargo on its low-slung carrier, so the cyclist don’t have to worry about balance and handling. Winther Cargoo company offers a personal cargo bike which can carry four more passengers. The see-through cover keeps them dry even in the rain.

Aidoo Suspension trailer

Aidoo company has created a line of trailers that offer suspension with hydraulic dampers. When you go for a longer trip and want to keep your fragile gear in condition, this exactly the right thing for you.

Photo: aidoo-tec.com

The founder of the German-based company is committed cyclist who has traveled around the globe together with his wife and four children and because he couldn’t find a proper trailer, he decided to develop his own prototype. This was the first step to produce them for another customers.